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October 4, 2011
By SomewhereFarAway BRONZE, Freeport, New York
SomewhereFarAway BRONZE, Freeport, New York
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" Forget What You Know And Begin Again You Have Nothing To Lose But Things The Way You Know Them . "

9.3.2011 1:11AM
When the bridge that we had our 1st kiss on decides before it gets burned it rather collapse beneath us . To save the heart ache and at least keep us together . As we fall for each other You'll be there without a clue on what's our next move . And I'll be shadow by your side waiting for you to react but not knowing you're mind is in panic too . As we hit the water not knowing which way is up and which way is down . I'll reach for your hand hoping you'll be willing to hold it . Hold on to the memories that were made, the laughs that were expressed too loud and your last hope of survival . As we figure out our way together and realize that nothing last forever . So the life jacket won't be necessary because all that's worth living for is on the other side of your fingers with hands locked as if the combination was drowning in this sea because we'd rather it drown with hopes that everything could be taken back than have it burn with the bridge . When we finally reach land with all the faith that I can fit in my pockets I'll believe that the struggle to survive hadn't taken its tole on you . And that you didn't let everything else that we shared together drown too . That when we get back on land you'll hold on to everything like it was your last breath. Promise me that you'll hide everything in the hollows of your chest . So much so that God and the person you shared it with have access . Promise me you won't forget me . Just like I'll never forget all the heartbreak you brought with you . Or the mellow mum and pitter-patter that the rain makes when it's experiencing pain too. And if happen to move on and you happen to find someone else . I hope that the memories that are hidden in your heart that only God can unlock taunt you. Make you wish you had me back and realize what you were thinking when you picked her. But if it ever gets serious more to your relationship than claiming each other and a million first kisses. I hope your happy . I hope the smile she puts on your face doesn't remind you of how I used to . Tell her on those nights that you'll be doing what grown folks do you have to train yourself so her moans won't sound like my name in crescendos . When you're resting from it and she's too lazy to grab her own pillow allow her to use your chest but as you watch her sleep don't confuse the morse-code of our snores . Hold her hand as if it was your only ever life line. Read the Bible with her. Pray to God Almighty about moving on and leaving the past as it is and I'll do the same. So you can figure out how it feels to find happiness in something that's second to the best. . .        

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