Who's Missing?

October 3, 2011
By AmyJo BRONZE, Centralia, Washington
AmyJo BRONZE, Centralia, Washington
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Who’s Missing?

Waking up in the morning,
With no goodbye,
Who’s missing?
Mommy’s bed is empty,
The head of the dinner table seat is cold,
Who’s missing?
I have two hands to swing between,
Mommy’s their,
Who’s missing?
New wife, new life,
New house,
Replacement family,
Unfinished business,
Who’s missing?
Barbie’s, and Lego playing,
Imagination building,
Who’s missing?
Look I can ride,
A bike with no hands,
Who’s missing?
New school, talent shows,
Three years of shows;
Conferences, and awards,
I see mommy,
Who’s missing?
Major surgery,
Long recovery,
Showed your face,
For a couple of hours,
Doing the pretend imitation
Of Bill Cosby,
You’re not fooling me,
Who’s missing?
Body changing,
No longer,
A little girl,
I have emotions,
High’s and lows,
Now realizing,
You cause most of those lows.
Who’s missing?
Counselors, therapists
Trying to undo years,
And years of ignoring
Who I am, and how I feel.
Who’s missing?
Not only in distance,
But, also removing
Yourself, from my heart,
Who’s missing?
Christmas trees and crackling
Firewood, old dog adds in more conversation,
Then you ever do.
Who’s missing?
Even my dead fish makes more noise,
As I “Cur-plop”
It into its water grave, “Flush”
Who’s missing?
No phone call,
No vibration,
Not a word to be heard
From you, first day of High School,
It is a big deal.
Who’s missing?
Braces off, brand new smile,
Tolo dress, new pictures,
Free tickets to my play,
Yet you choose to stay away.
Who’s missing?
I want my childhood,
Back, I didn’t want to play
All my life,
Tired of you hiding,
And me seeking,
I’m done playing,
Your game,
Walking into my house,
Don’t have to ask anymore,
Because now I fully see the one,
Who’s missing.

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