Poker Night

October 3, 2011
By mariahdances GOLD, Torrance, California
mariahdances GOLD, Torrance, California
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A relationship is just friendship set on fire
Not to burn the ship down, just for love and desire

And as the flames get higher
We set our souls on fire

We put on a show
Just to let them know

We’re not tired

We can stay up all night, to our delight
We aren’t hear to celebrate, we’re hear to fight

And for the first time in our life
We’re out here doing what’s right

So don’t put out the flames
We gotta ignite

There’s not much in sight, but you can see
The bright lights cast a dark shadow behind me

I leave footprints, so when I leave you can come find me

This ice burns me to the fifth degree
As it comes off, not as weird or dear as it is to me

You see, I am used to this
The rhymes are mine, cause I know what to do with it

I can scramble them like eggs, and fry them like bacon
These rhymes are mine, they cannot be taken

When I close my eyes, that’s when I’m most awake
The rhymes keep me up for goodness sakes

Step on the brake, before we crash
Just remember we’re worth more than cards, like cash

We play to your delight, we’re only betting your life
Nothing to worry about, it’s poker night

The author's comments:
Don't bet on it.

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