October 3, 2011
Why do people get lost?
Is it because they lose their sight? Not really.
Is it because the light that was burning for them went out? Not typically.
Is it becasue they lose all inspiration to achieve their dreams and goals? Sometimes, but not all the time.
People have the power to overcome their disabilities when they want something bad enough, supply their own light when life gets dark, and supply their own inspiration when everyone else bails.
In most cases people get lost because they don't have the right people to train, help, and guide them to the path that leads them to a successful life, or the people who were guiding them died and they can't figure out a reason why they should keep going... This happened to me; and I can only say one thing to try to help... Just because one person dies, doesn't mean life is over for everone who was close to them. keep doing what they were helping you with, remember their advice and put it to good use. If you give up on what they were helping you with, you're basically throwing away the only real connection you have left to your lost loved one... My advice: Don't get lost, because it becomes to hard to remember even the tiny peice of the past that people fight so hard everyday to remember.

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