October 8, 2011
By ecarguh GOLD, Hillsborough, California
ecarguh GOLD, Hillsborough, California
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Shrug away important things.
Blood binds Mexico. (Mexico! Mexico!)
What makes them fight (Fight! Fight!)
Slow passage of time (slow, slow)
Paintings of Jesus (amen, amen)
Families born, dying, and born again (rebirth, rebirth)
When defending your family’s heritage, you cannot be afraid. (be brave, be brave)
Left almost without work (no work, no work)
Smothered courts with thousands of lawsuits (trouble, trouble)
Every day, more debtors, more disgraced men, more Barzonistas (Barzonistas, Barzonistas)
Barzonistas – prosperous merchants until crash of the peso. (crash, crash)
Don’t want small things to turn into big things. They are afraid. (afraid, afraid)
Guerro City. 60 tons silver mined all over Mexico. (mined, mined)
Marriage has to wait. Weddings cost too much. (tanto dinero, tanto dinero)
Locals must make living off tourists (turistas, turistas)
Despite Mexico’s troubles, tourism thrives. (strives and thrives)
Trucks rumble slowly back home. (home sweet home)

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