What is Average?

October 5, 2011
By DominicC BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
DominicC BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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I am an average person,
I eat, drink, and sleep,
I have my individual characteristics,
But I am not average,
There is no average.
I have learned
That people change.
Over time it happens,
Some for good,
Some for bad,
Yet it still happens,
No matter what.
I have a normal
Routine of things
That most people have.
We get up,
We take a morning shower,
We go to school,
Or we go to work,
We return home after
Our respective obligations,
We eat dinner,
We go to sleep,
The routine repeats.
I have a favorite animal,
Most of us do,
I have my music preference,
Just like others do,
We start with what we are introduced to,
Then we change that over time,
I started with rock from the ‘90s,
Then by 2004 I was into metal,
This then turned into all genres,
After some time it has become techno.
I started out average,
But now that has changed.
I haven’t felt the true embrace,
Of a restful night,
For multiple years now.
I am from the music,
The kick and the bass.
I come from the woods,
From a pack of wild dogs.
I am from the stop,
Having an attitude,
And be the responsible one.
I am with the people,
Who live for the music,
Who live in the underground,
psychedllic rave scene,
The Pure Hard Dance scene,
The laser lights and the pounding music,
That is in my heart.
I am a raver,
This makes me different.
Not many people,
Are into the whole dancing thing,
At least not my style of dancing.
Most people are into group dancing,
And the more ‘intimate’ dances.
My dancing is more individual,
And is too much foot-work,
To look like average dances
That are body-to-body and intimate.
I don’t act like many others,
I don’t follow the flow of social cliques.
I enjoy being different,
Because I’m not controlled by others.
Life has no true average,
Lives cannot be averaged,
Because we all die in different ways,
As well as different times.
We cannot average anything,
Except for numbers.
We all say there is an average,
When there truly isn’t.
There is no ‘normal person’
And there is no ‘average person’
We are all different,
So accept everyone,
Because no one is the same.
Don’t judge on differences,
Because you are different as well,
So live life with the knowledge
That you are different from everyone,
And everyone is different than you.

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