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Life As I Know It ...

October 5, 2011
By octaviam BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
octaviam BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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I am from a room full of chaos,
here and there my mother tells me,
“Octavia your mouth is gunna get you in trouble on of these days.”
Wow looking back, I should’ve really took her advice a long time ago.
I only get peace and quiet at the beach,
listening to the sounds of the ocean.

I am from a place of hurt,
crying inside because, two years ago I lost my left hand man (De’Angelo).
Man he was the best cousin I could ever have.

I from the household where everyone is busy,
like the movement of the colorful pieces,
on the monopoly and candyland boards.
I am from a historical place,
When I walk through the door,
movies are playing,
grandmother is on facebook,
and my mom is on the phone.

I am from the wonderful memories of those Christmas days,
my grandfather would tell me numerous stories of his slavery days.
He would continue on and on,
telling me how he would pretty much do whatever he wanted to do.
Those stories were always the best.

I am from a big place like Golden Corral,
every night there’s a big dinner such as,
fried chicken, mac & cheese, fruit salad, ham, turkey, and chicken pasta.

I am from Decatur, Georgia where it never gets cold.
Its always blazin’ hot,
luckily the pools are open year around!

I am from the rhythm of supercrew,
as every foot touch the ground there’s a movement to go with it.
ABDC has always been my favorite show.

I am from the soul side of life,
as Lyfe Jennings blast through the speakers of my headphones,
constantly reminding me, “No matter how hard life gets, keep ya head up.”
Words of wisdom, so everyone should take notes!

I am from a place of romance, as you walk through the doors,
you’ll see aligned photos of my boyfriend and I almost 5 years strong.
Trust him? Pssh of course!
Love him? Most definitely!
Mom’s approval? She loves him ( :

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