September 30, 2011
By Queen25 PLATINUM, San Antonio, Texas
Queen25 PLATINUM, San Antonio, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"Look up and smile because there is always tomorrow."

Nature is all around us,
It wants to speak to us.
All we need to do is listen,
Then we will discover,
Only to find true wonders.

The wind is helpful to the lost,
Pointing us home.
Cooling us in the heat,
We are never truly lonely,
For the birds sing their melodies.

Each one is like a person,
Every single one has a personality.
While some are harsh and loud,
Others are sweet and soft,
Singing to us for they are never lost.

Each tree is a shelter,
Providing for animals and people alike.
Trees give homes to the homeless,
It is a network of life,
And a shelter from the sun.

All animals are beautiful and majestic,
Each in their own special way.
No matter the physical looks,
The beautiful, ugly, and hideous,
All have one thing in common.

Each is capable of love and compassion.
It is all connected,
Nature is the hub of life,
So we are connected to one another.
In the way of connection, we are all one family.

The author's comments:
I like to think that even when we think we are alone, that we are never truly alone.

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