The Vet

September 27, 2011
He couldn’t tell you what year it is,
Or who the president was.
He just walks to town to buy more booze,
So he can forget things that he saw back in ‘Nam.
People say that he should quit drinking,
Doesn’t he know that he’s ruining his family?
But he can’t put the bottle because if he does,
He sees his friend lying up on that hill bleeding to death,
But he can’t look back because Charlie was moving in too fast.
This the part where he shed’s a tear,
Just like he did when he told his friend’s family the news.
The bottle stay’s in his hand,
As he thinks about the day he laid his youngest son in the ground.
People say that you should have listen to him,
But what could you do?
He was raised in a time when fighting for your country was the honorable thing to do

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