Flames On That Day

October 3, 2011
The flames curled in with a hiss,
From the terror that engulfed us we knew it was not a miss.
They fell from the sky eyes glazed over with a wish.
Screams wade in and out of the dust
The bodies covered the ground like a firm crust.
The tears came too much that they began to rust
Stuck to the cheeks of children
that watch mothers and fathers with terror glued to their faces
they sparkle on mother's cheeks as they watch and lose all hope
it came down spitting flames and they said 'we'll cope, we must cope.'
the ones with fire breath and blazing eyes say 'we must fight!'
and the middle without a voice,
large or small says, 'we must! We must! We can't, we can't, whatever happened to we need?'

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