September 28, 2011
I keep thinking
about the other
stories of life
stories that aren't
as everyone perceives
of them
How the society of
today is so disgustingly
of anything different
it sickens time and time
How society's screwed
up minds work
I keep thinking how could
a person like that be so
cruel? so heartless?
But then I also think..
What is it like to walk
a day in that person's shoes?
To see exactly what that person sees?
to feel and empathize with what
that person was thinking?
How that person interacts with the world?
This is for
not just for Goths, emos, jocks, drama geeks, band geeks, orchestra dorks, nerds, loners, lesbians,gays, bi, transgender
you don't need a club for it reading this, it goes for YOU
need to be acceptant
of everyone because you can't
change someone
you can only leave
but can do on permanent damage

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