The Tigers: Imperfect beings

September 28, 2011
By applewolf GOLD, Long Beach, California
applewolf GOLD, Long Beach, California
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Depressed perhaps
or just being yourself trying to get good grades isn't good enough
i know this world has unmotherly beings known as the perfectionist parent or tiger mom..
these women will stop at nothing to achieve their one goal for their child A+ 100% never wavering failing grade
they strive to achieve something that will always be out of their reach...
the one word they can't even begin to imagine for it will ruin their perfectionism
this word is one would call Happiness or success some will never feel the heat rise in their cheeks being happy being able to say that they did this and that
these imperfect beings want to become their children with the good grades to be them because of the simple fact that they believe they didn't accomplish higher feats than the sky they wanted to reach the sun
to touch it and finally be fulfilled
their wish of perfection for their kid
they believe it a blessing
the poor children otherwise..
they the children believe it is the worst you could imagine...the tigers leaping at you from everywhere
they corner the child
then the world shatters to pieces and nothing is A's
Everything is a F the child then suffers an emotional break-down
they lose it...
they are the F
the center of everything that was bad
they want to be freed of this F that they are and so..
The only answer would be in my opinion is...........
my dear child lying corrupted on the bed why do you not achieve for this A?
Because the child answered:
I am nothing less than the center of everything bad

Why would you try to reach for this A my dear child lying on this bed?
So that i may not become the center of everything bad...

A child with a imperfect being who is happy with their life....those are called parents..
Dear child lying on the bed playing, watching TV, and doing homework at the same time...why do you achieve for this A?
The child answered giddily giggling to herself:
Mommy said I can go to the candy shop if i do!
The child smiled sweetly and this angers the tigers...but these lucky children have someone to protect them even if they fall
fail a test
miss homework
haven't gone to school because they want to have a day with their family...

which do you choose to be?

The Dear Child Lying On The Bed

The Sweet Innocent Happy Child Who Plays And Works Just As Hard As The Others Of Her Class?

The author's comments:
inspired from my friend who has left her life with her friends and hubby till June because of the tiger...

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