Burning Polaroids

September 22, 2011
By xBreathe BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
xBreathe BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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In a matter of seconds and few words of confirmation,
the world of mine I once knew withdrew,
And came back with unraveling lies, and unfolding new truths.
One after the other,
my unavenged anger towards you grew.
People who were to love you above all flaws and oddities,
Shed their skin, revealing the essence of close-minded ones.

The skeletons in their closet knocked on the door,
Welcoming me into their darkened world,
Beckoning with their decaying hands.
Hands, I might add, covered in their guilty red.

As I tripped and stumbled down the path revealed before me,
I knew from that moment on, I'd never see you in the same light.

My vocals became etched with rage and a deep disbelieving shock,
My legs kicking in a childish tantrum.

Your lacerations dug deep,

Designing intricate and unique scars on the skin of the one who continues to curtsy before you.

Realization gripped me,
And I could now see that our family picture was burning.
And behind the frame, laying in a flurry of webs and the shells of insects, was the truth.

The real picture.
No happy faces to be seen, no picture perfect smiles.
But, faces exposing emotions of all natures--naivety, resentment, hidden secrecy, nefariousness, pain, and a determined strength.

Three of the faces stuck out most prominently.
The first two being gaunt,
Heavy with the guilt of a lifetime, the sins of 6 years and counting.

But, the third face was different in every aspect.
The face held a smile, the only one amidst the family of five.

Though, it shows a deceiving portrayal of happiness,
For above the smile were tear-strained cheeks and brown eyes--
Brown eyes pained with enough hurt to last one soul a lifetime.

It was her face that brought an anger, a sadness,
A resistance deep within me, slowly expanding upwards as more time continued to tick away.
This resistance drove me away from you.
Like the lies and secrets, I was withdrawing.

But I realized,
With a heavy sense of guilt and brutally honest thoughts,
That you, supposed role models, could never compare.

You, you were nothing.
She stands tall, a heart beating purity.
Whereas the two of you writhe on the ground, the darkness slithering around you--an endless cycle of the past and what you won't ever mount to.

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