What makes you any different ?

September 30, 2011
By trinity_brown BRONZE, Virginia Beach, Virginia
trinity_brown BRONZE, Virginia Beach, Virginia
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And to be honest i don't know what quiet makes you different then me,

the way you talk , you see its no different then thee ,

you speak of lust , that only you seem to portray it to be,

as to everyone around your way of lust is love in the first degree

I don't quiet understand why you walk around with a grin,

when in all actually all you want is a friend,

someone to care , some that can see ,

that at the end of the day the thousands of tears that fill the sea

There's times when you want to hide ,

only because you want to see who will seek,

seek thee in the darkest of all shadows,

because for once the light is casting in a horrid manor.

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