I never knew

October 1, 2011
By Anonymous

I never knew what I had
Till it was gone.
I never knew I needed them
To feel strong.

Now i'm lost in a sea of people
Old faces
Same places
But they don't remember
The girl I used to be
I'm now a loner freak
Something to smile at
But then talk to behind my back.

I never knew the life of an outcast
Could be so cruel.

I never knew they could be so rude
I never knew I was a freak.
I never knew I was not sane.
I never knew I could cry.
I never thought i'll ever wish
That i would die.

'Do you know *mayla'
'Ewww i'v seen her'
'All she does is read can she even talk?'
'I guess. Hey know what I herd'
'What she stabbed a guy for messing with her sister'
'Yea I know her shes awesome to bad she has the freak of a sister'
'lol yea i would never be caught dead with her even if she was my sister'
'yea she such a loser'
'Come on lets go'
-the girl hideing behind bathroom stall
Pulls her legs to her chest and closes her eyes trying not to cry'

* name i wish i had

The author's comments:
I know very bad but it came to me when I over herd what those girls said about me.

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