The Isn't

October 1, 2011
It isn't that I miss you,
And of that I am quite sure.
I've fixed the broken heart you caused,
Already found the cure.
It isn't that I love you,
Because in true love there is no pain.
Though my broken heart's been fixed,
The tears I cried will stain.
It isn't that I trust you,
Because I know I don't.
You hurt me once, you hurt me twice,
Even when you said, "I won't."
It's true that I still care about you,
Now that I can't deny.
It seems that I can't just up and leave,
While another girl makes you cry.
It's true that I am still your friend,
Even though I want much more.
But I know that you don't feel the same,
We already closed that door.

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