Time and Space

October 3, 2011
By KitKat94 GOLD, Anchorage, Alaska
KitKat94 GOLD, Anchorage, Alaska
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I've gotta say,
Sometimes I wish,
Time would just melt away.

The world moves so fast,
I often do ponder,
What if we lived in a world,
A world of wonder.

Where melting clocks flourished,
As in a Dali dream,
A relaxing of spirit,
A surrealist soul,
A careful impression,
A story,
Long ago.

Like a whistling wind on the back of a sheep,
Let our fears melt away,
Let us no longer weep.

I take time to wonder,
On our hurriedrushed state,
Must we runrunrun,
Then sit back,
Just w a i t?

I've got this feeling,
Just an inkling really,
Though it may be curt,
It might just be silly.

Is there a time, is there a place,
Is there a world,
Where we all have our space?

Where we live like a satellite,
Of a distant star,
Only worried of our path,
Never was there pain, suffering, war.

Neither was there peace,
But to put it quite bluntly,
I wonder if that would not be better,
Than what today seems.

Better to know of nothing,
And just sit there and wait.
Must we all suffer quietly,
And await unknown fate?

Perhaps maybe not,
We all have our battles,
Every wish we make,
Upon hopeful dreams be saddled.

We try so hard and work like a slave,
To accomplish what?
The journey?
The path?
The choices we make?

Perhaps the experience,
Just lends itself there,
To discovery,
We all must it bear.

Everything suffers,
And in the end dies,
But to greater purpose?
I leave you to decide.

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