the beast will not wake

September 27, 2011
By Katiebatman BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
Katiebatman BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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I’d rather stay sleep for my thoughts veer to deep
I won’t be awake to have myself finally break
Keep my mind silenced
My dreams unaware
Living my life slumbering however just isn’t fair
Though I try to keep control
My psyche’s still unknown
Any moment could crumble
Insanity’s overgrown
I won’t have you witness my collapse in the finish
I couldn’t bear the beginning
As it begun, it was winning
Fought at the most, the most I could do was postpone
The never land of my sense is although still lingering in suspense
Is it safe, I don’t know
I’m boarder line on the fence
Contemplating my next move is also very intense
Till I find myself at the least just a glimpse
I’ll hide out undercover where I know that it’s dense
Where it remains, it’s awake
So I sleep in my slumber to retain for all sake
Sleep is the only thing I know yet to keep this beast where it still remains fake
After all that it has took, no more it shall take

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