All Along

September 27, 2011
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I feel so confined,
Like I’m trapped and can’t get out,
Locked up inside myself,
I can’t hear or see anyone,
It’s so dark in here,
Maybe I’m not trapped,
Maybe I can hear people,
But I refuse to listen,
Maybe I don’t care what they say,
Maybe what I need to get out,
Is right in front of my eyes,
I’m not trapped,
I think I can hear you,
But you’re getting annoying,
Don’t tell me what to do with my life,
Because I don’t care what you say,
You aren’t my boss,
I see that what I need is here,
It has been all along,
I just had to look closer,
And closer,
You were right there,
All along…

The author's comments:
Sometimes What You're Missing, Is Right In Front Of Your Eyes.. You just Fail To Look..

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