Colors That Don't Stick

October 3, 2011
By sylarloveselle GOLD, Oswego, Illinois
sylarloveselle GOLD, Oswego, Illinois
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colors stick under finger nails
and upon weary finger tips
that forever pick at shavings
as if pulling away all the bad
bad that sticks to her skin like an unwanted stink
colors, red, blue, yellow, are always the same
only change comes as they wear away
no longer sharp, no longer able to color in the lines
deadly weapons in clumsy fingers
ready to make a smiling face no more, just lines
breaking piece by piece until it's just a spot of nothing
red, ready for lips and hair
children and adults both covered in sticky pomegranate juice
“never thought someone could be that red, baby mush have done something shameful”
blue, is the color you can't help but see
in the eyes we compare to the sky
color that means something beautiful
something vast and something melancholy
yellow, the Sun that both shines at you
and burns you when its mad
lover of the moon, sky and stars
both friend and foe of human kind
colors that make the world not just black and white
make up the rainbow that is seen after the rain has gone away
for some it's in a smile or our very soul
that for some is nothing but black
colors that slowly cover every inch of her, skin and all
and unlike the bad, that forever burns, can be washed away

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