Your Morning, My Night

September 28, 2011
This is another night,

That I wish could disappear.

Nights bring me dreams,

That make you reappear.

But only for a second,

Your light warms the frost.

Flowers shine though,

Making the effort feel lost.

And as soon as you are there you are gone,

Leaving me for another night.

I sit awake through dusk and dawn,

Wishing our dream would take its flight.

And when I see you for the first time,

I feel the tears of the rain.

But it is only when you wipe my eyes,

When I realize I am weeping in pain.

This is another morning,

That I wish could stop time.

To just live in this moment,

This sweet tastes so divine.

The feel of being a puzzle,

Feeling so complete.

I want to hold this second,

Wishing this moment could repeat.

I wish this could be forever,

As we break apart.

The weather claims to be our judge,

Tears streaming from the heart.

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