Let it Go.

September 28, 2011
By Anonymous

Silence fills my ears,
The ringing is all i hear,
Frighten heart beats fast,
What was that, did you just pass,
Crouched down hands on my face,
Scared youll find me in the obvious place,
Night startsto glow so bright,
Holding the tears back with a fight,
Its time to get up have to move,
Wait any longer i might die soon,
Running till my legs give out,
Dont want to yell but start to shout,
"Help!" nobody comes near,
I wonder if anyone knows im here,
Look around cant see a thing,
Trip and fall along i hang,
Down from hell that waits for me,
Eyes grow cold as i see above its he,
Screams fill the echos scared to death,
Letting go, falling to nothing else left.

The author's comments:
Times you run but many you cant hide.

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