September 28, 2011
Joker, why do you hide your face in paint? She said to me.
Why do you laugh at all the bloodshed? She inquired.
Listen, honey, I'm no saint. That's the way I was meant to be.
All her beauty and softness left a weakness. Not for me to be inspired.
But just one touch of her hands, and I was real. And I could do her no harm.
I liked this—surprisingly, she had a devious side.
Hmm, hmm all my weapons she could disarm.
She loved me, yet was so scared. And I hated her for that. She was the one who came along for the ride!
My cold laugh, she thought was warm.
And she liked dangerous games. Ah-ha, that was her specialty.
Like Annabel Lee, her soul died in the coming storm.
When my gambling hit rock bottom, she soon faced reality
When they cut up my face. And she could smile no more.
That was one thing I loved about her most.
I was now the one to smile forever.
But my, MY dream of seeing her smile again... was a piece of burnt toast.
After she left, my heart was in shambles.
The only girl I could love. On my own damn tears I would choke.
You know what, though, I still take gambles...
you, know... lives? HAHAHA- she must have realized that I was no Joker!

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