Forever Smiles

October 5, 2011
By BlueJae BRONZE, Fruita, Colorado
BlueJae BRONZE, Fruita, Colorado
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i am a photo taken
a smile sculputed
forever on my (your) face
i look out at you every day seeing
your movements your frowns
and I hate you for it
i hate that i am only a moment
your life
i hate that i am always condemned to

The author's comments:
Ok so I want to point out now that I do know common grammar and yes I meant to only capitalize certain words. Anyway the reason I wrote this was because my literacy teacher, OB1, (yes that is her nick-name) assigned us to do a imitation poem of one of E.E. Cummings' poems. I picked a random object around the room decided to do a hate poem instead of a love poem, went totally off track then here we are, with as my teacher said "Photoshopped the hate out of the picture and plopped it on a piece of paper. Anyways that's why I wrote this poem, it was born from going off track on an assignment, but aren't all the great ideas not even supposed to exist?

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