Once Again

October 5, 2011
By mossfoss8 BRONZE, Palm Bay, Florida
mossfoss8 BRONZE, Palm Bay, Florida
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Once Again
I catch my breath as we pass each other in the hall
I slowly inhale your fresh scent that lingers in the air
I remind myself again to look straight ahead
I must not risk stealing a second glance
Because surely my eyes would betray me
Once Again
I know the affect you have on me is powerful
I can’t stop my heart from jumping every time I hear your deep smooth voice
I attentively listen for your rumbling laugh
I replay the soft lullaby that you hum to yourself unconsciously
Because these little things never cease giving me butterflies
Once Again
I sit and let your beautiful face invade my thoughts
I draw every line of you in my head over and over again
I imagine painting the shadows with all the colors of the rainbow
I welcome my dreams that are haunted by you
Because only in my mind I can fearless look at you
Once Again
I watch as the sun’s ray’s play with your flawlessly golden hair
I glance at your crystal blue eyes that seem to hold the ocean in them
I treasure your wide and radiant smile
I study your perfectly tanned skin that hides your strength
Because everything about you makes me fall in love with you more each day

The author's comments:
Once Again is about someone who secretly loves a person that seems perfect. All they want is to say “I love you”, but they think the person is out of their reach.

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