October 5, 2011
By angelal BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
angelal BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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Every summer,
I saw the moon reflect
Off the open glass of her heart.
Broken everyday by new adventures,
With stars only imaginable.
Shining so bright,
She lit up my sky.

Waking to the light in my eye,
Flashing red and blue.
I watch as they take her away,
Curious of the outcome.
I never knew it would happen so fast,
I never knew it was time.

I noticed the fire in the sky,
Watching the flames twist and turn.
She was calling to me,
Playing with the clouds.

She disappeared,
Into the flames,
Never to Return,
I was lost.

I have no flames to light my sky,
I have no sign she is there.
With no moon to reflect off the glass,
I search for the answer.
The answer she wanted me to know,
She was there.

Now as I make my way

Back to the harsh reality,
I was never the same.
Somehow I was better,
Better than the first day
And better than the last.
Everyday a new memory came and went,
Without her,
It was like an unfinished book.
Only sadness left in her wake,
Yet somehow we found our happiness.

Living in fear of falling without her,
Not willing to release my own flame.
I was inspired by my mistakes,
Driven by her love.
Tomorrow, I found,
Is always brighter.

And now as I look for her
In the clouds
I only find memories,
And a grave,
Where she lays in that box.

We left our prints on her,
But she gave us something better.
She gave us our freedom
And she gave us time.

This leaves me with regret,
Not knowing if I’ll be good enough.
But it drives my future,
And she gave me that.

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