“Pen to Paper”

October 5, 2011
By Lavonia BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
Lavonia BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
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I have been trying to put pen to paper for awhile
But whenever I start to write my mind draws a blank
What happened to be creative and being able to just simply let my words fly
out of my head and onto paper?
What happened to being able to create entire stories out of songs and single events?
Where has my inspiration disappeared to?
And when will it come back?
Who am I if I cannot write a beautiful poem that relates to all
no matter what their given situation?
Who am I if I cannot write a story that draws some emotion good or bad out of my readers?
What am I if I cannot be a writer?
When the creative mind dies what happens to the person?
Do they simply move about trying to find a new one?
Do they try to find a new way to connect to people?
What happens?
Tell me now before I lose my creative so that I might be prepared.
I cannot see myself without pen and paper
Without creating works of art through my words
It is all I know how to do
All I can do
And yet I can feel it slowly slipping away as though it was never there in the first place
What should I do?
What happens to a creative soul after its foundation of creative has stopped flowing?
When there is nothing left but drops here and there?
For surely life without being able to creative is one that I am not prepared to face
And so I try to put pen to paper to create
To remind myself of what is to place my emotions into words
That can be used to reach someone else who is going through the same thing
Words that are written down can sometimes be better than spoken words
When you are at a loss of words
So I attempt to write someone but everything seems so dull and unimportant
And silly and pathetic and the same.
No one wants to read about the same thing over and over again
People want originality
They want passion
And pattern and terms that are sometimes better left unsaid
And if you cannot give the people what they want then what good are you right?
Wrong for creating is not just to assume others
But it is mainly about pleasing yourself.
We are our own worst editors deciding that we are not good enough
Before anyone else has even seen our works
Hiding the works so that no one else will see them until we think they are perfection
But who are we to even decide that?
Creative is not about that
If it were then I would have never picked up the pen
I am not perfect and I would never pretend to be so
Flawed and proud of it is what I am
And so now that we have that settled

The author's comments:
I was having a hard time writing for a while and this idea of writing about not being to write came out.

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