October 5, 2011
By MadiSienna BRONZE, Beverly Hills, California
MadiSienna BRONZE, Beverly Hills, California
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chirp chirp,
Silence only broken by synthetic noise
Ash settling on the ground
Dulling the world into a muted haze

chirp chirp,
Broken glass, melted steel
Only a man-made wasteland
As far as the eye can see

chirp chirp,
Hands raised in prayers
Asking for answers, for closure
From anyone who will listen

chirp chirp,
Stifled sobs
Tears melting the ash away
Like rain to a barren land

chirp chirp,
Doctors, surgeons, nurses, standing by
Waiting to treat those afflicted
But no survivors come their way

chirp chirp,
Dust, ash, and smoke lingering in the air
Suffocating those below
Taunting those who are attempting to help

chirp chirp,
A block, a city, a nation frozen in shock
Struggling to comprehend
But scared of the realization

chirp chirp,
Scouring for life
Even settling on death
But finding nothing, no resolution

chirp chirp,
The dawn of a new day
With not a single object in the sky
Except for a red balloon, merrily floating away

The author's comments:
On September 11th, 2001, almost 3000 people died due to planned plane hijacking suicide attempts. At the World Trade Center, firefighters, first-responders, and paramedics rushed to save those who were trapped in the Twin Towers. After the collapsing of the two towers, hundreds of "chirps" could be heard at ground zero. The "chirps" came from a device that al firefighters wore, a sort of beaconing device, so that if they were to die in a fire, their body could be recovered and their family could bury them properly. Though hundreds of "chirps" were heard, very few bodies were ever actually recovered from the rubble.

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