If I should Die Tonight

September 12, 2011
By Anonymous

I should die tonight,
just promise to hold me tight.
As I slip away, remember me,
With you by my side; i can finally be free.
My blood, and your blood stain the white sheets,
my heart is dead, but for you it still beats.
You're intoxicating, I can't breath,
My hope is gone, but I try still to believe.
I cry in the shadows, hiding; cowering,
but suddenly I feel you're presence over me; towering.
I run to your unfamiliar arms, in search of an idea of love,
But stained with crimson; is my white dove.
I can accept I will not stay,
now on my last breath I can only pray;
If I should die tonight,
just promise to hold me tight.

The author's comments:
This is actually a poem I wrote for a "novel" I am writing that I will probably post on here when it is finished. (I'm on chapter 10 of a planned 21 chapters. then there will be another, much shorter story after it about one of the secondary characters.)hope you like it~ <3

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