precious angel

September 12, 2011
By sasha1996 GOLD, Geneva New York, New York
sasha1996 GOLD, Geneva New York, New York
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Precious angel
Why’d you have to leave?
Why’d you have to go?

Precious angel
A day doesn’t go by,
When I don’t think of you.

Precious angel
With only happy memories,
Do I think of you.

Precious angel
I remember your smiles,
I remember you happiness.

Precious angel
Don’t forget me,
As I wont forget you.

Precious angel
When I die,
Will you be on the other side,
Waiting for me?

Precious ange
You weren’t supposed to leave first,
I was.

Precios angel
Can you see me?
I wish I could still see you.

Precious angel
Are you having a good time?
Are they treating you well?
I hope so, you deserve it.

Precious angel
You don’t need to suffer anymore.
No pain.
No surgeries.

Precious angel
You had a beautiful face.
Personality, too.

Precious angel
I still love you.
I always will.

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