That’s me

September 24, 2011
By Anonymous

I’m that daughter child you forgot
Used and abused
I am the one on the corner spot
Who you left out to die

I’m that child you forgot
I’m the girl who saw you for what you were
Did you think I forgot?
Did you think I wouldn’t remember?

What would you do if that was me
If I was the one being cheated on
What would you say if I was the wife ignorant of my husband’s hobbies or just too blind to see?
What would you do if I was the girl who played your mistress?

Would you care?
Would you notice?
I am that girl child you call emotional
I am that girl child who you left at the corner

Used and neglected
I am not mad at you for being who you are
I am mad that you have forgotten that I am that child
That is me

That is me you cheat on
That is my heart you broke
Because of you I don’t see what a loving relationship is
Because of you I cannot believe the word he says

Because of you I forget what it is for a man to love me
I am that woman you lied to
I am that woman you cheated on
I am so mad that you fail to realize that its me

Its me on that corner
Its me in that bed
Its me with those children
Because if you realized it was me you would not have done those things

You would not have said those words
You would not have been the bigot that you were
Just maybe
Just maybe if you saw me

You would have remembered that I am that girl child at that corner
I did not die
I did not vanish
That is still me

Abused and misused
Neglected and abandon
Lost without a cause
That’s me

Can you see?
Can you that’s me?
Do you care enough to notice?
That’s me

I’m that daughter on the corner
I’m that girl whose heart you broke
I’m that woman on the corner
I’m still standing there

Just waiting for you to remember
That’s me
That’s me
That’s me

The author's comments:
(This is a very personal poem. I published this poem on other websites under my pen name Magnes Abo)

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