Who do I think I am?

September 28, 2011
By Prasun BRONZE, New City, New York
Prasun BRONZE, New City, New York
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Yelling at the top of my lungs
I take a good look at their faces
What I did wrong even I don’t know
Though this happens every day, it never gets old
The constant nagging from my “owners’ pushes me into a corner
Grabbing papers, throwing them across the room
Slamming the hands on the desk,
Throwing the plastic cups across the room
They lecture, as loud as their voices can take them,
Their faces red, the color of the blood
Their veins bulging out
What do I do? Face this horrible monster? Do I surrender?
Or do I keep fighting and just maybe live to see another day
I choose to surrender
I slowly back away into my section of the house
As I like to call it, my thinking spot
I grab the remote, the wii controller, the phone and most importantly my life
My life, what exactly does that mean?
The very essence that defines me?
Or an object that controls my life?
As I flip open the device, there is a small apple on the front,
Can you guess what it is?
As the device turns on, I smile
Ready to talk, ready to have fun
Yet NOT ready to yell
Still, I hear the constant yelling in my ear as if it were still happening
How do I drown it out?
I turn towards an important invention
One which I would like to call God’s gift
This happens to keep me from the more “important” things such as homework, SATs, studying and colleges
God’s gift, Netflix
All words associated with one common thing
Future career
So what to choose?
The Army? Something I have been thinking about for nine years?
Writing? A hobby which I recently pick up which I have started to love?
Or Medicine? The career which will make my friends happy as well as me, the career which will allow me to help other people
Helping people, something which brings joy to my heart as well as others
As I help people I hear two words, Thank you
Two words I have heard all my life
Why do I help people? Because people deserve to be helped
Well that’s what I believe
No matter the situation, that is one thing which will never grow old
So does helping people make me a king, caring, lovable person?
Or does that make me an egotistical maniac who loves hearing “thank you”
Well whatever the case, helping people is never bad
So who am I?
I am many things
I am aggressive
I am sneaky
I am a thinker
I am someone who cannot live without his laptop
I am someone who loves enjoying himself
I am lazy
I am social
I am a fan of shows
I am a fighter
I am kind
I am caring
I am lovable (sometimes)
I am NOT egotistical
I am a helper
I am a healer
I am a soldier
I am a writer

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