The Equation for Happiness

September 16, 2011
By Anonymous

Mathematicians could make an equation for happiness, an algorithm for success. Money, family, prestige. Good grades. The admiration of your friends and colleagues. Someone to love and understand you. You could spend days, years, entire lifetimes obsessing over happiness, looking for it like some kind of tangible prize waiting for you on the other side of the hill. At first, that's all it ever is to you- a prize that you haven't quite earned just yet. So you climb that mountain, only to find it still just on the horizon. Mountain after mountain, valley after valley, you walk, knowing it must be just ahead- after all, you've seen it with your own two eyes. Are you there yet? Will you ever be? You wonder. The perfect house. The perfect job. The perfect body. The perfect guy. It must be a balancing act, you think- to have a little bit of everything is to attain true happiness. Variables, one and all, in the ever-changing equation of life. But of the 9 billion faces on this earth, of the 100,000 people that will ever make an impression on you in your lifetime- God, Jesus and Allah included- not a single one of them will ever be enough to fill the void. Because, in this vast universe we call home, the only person, place, or thing that will ever be able to make you truly and irrevocably happy is the man looking back at you in the mirror. So hold your head up high, my darling, because as it turns out, you, and you alone, are the sole variable in the equation. You are, for all intents and purposes, the one and only key to your own happiness.

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