My Flat Irons

September 29, 2011
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My honey comb colored Flat Irons.
My Flat Irons, you heat up to 120 degrees.
My Flat Irons, you hit all my naps, and Beda beads.

My Flat Iron, I can use you when is hot, cold or even freezing.
My Flat Irons, I can use you through any season.
My Flat Irons, I can, curl, straighten, can press m hair with you.
My flat Irons, I can use you for any reason.

My Flat irons, you prepare me for school everyday
My Flat Irons, I will never forget the day I got you in the month of May.
My Flat irons, what else can I say?
My Flat Irons, I love the way you work through any hair, even with grease or spray.

My Flat Irons, I love the way you steam right after I wash my hair.
My Flat Irons, I love the way you NEVER spark or flare.
My Flat irons, I use you whenever I’m doing hair.
My Flat Irons, you take care of my hair with caution, and care.
My Flat Irons, I cut my hair to give you some air.

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