I Am Poem

September 29, 2011
By Anonymous

I am a student
I am a student at Oak Park
I do take graduating in June 2012 to the heart
I don’t do my homework in the dark
Knights are better than ever
Sit back and watch drop this leather
This year I do plan to do better
I am a fashion blogger slash stylist
The way the shirts lay
The way the jeans fit
The way the boots and boot cut jeans look like they are in cahoots
Or the relaxed fit jeans with wheat’s are how they look so clean.
Shout out to the tight jeans girls don’t be so mean.
I am the boss of all bosses
I have an fetish for the cost of all cost’s
I got clothes on clothes on clothes
Car’s sit on 4’s on 4’s on 4’s
In 9th grade my wrist was on froze
I never lose because I never snooze
I’ve always known who’s who
I am the one everybody loves
I am the one everybody hugs
The one they call Uncle Shawn
I am the responsible one out of my friends
I don’t ask for lends.

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