Her Words Are True

September 29, 2011
Silence is all you hear.
This isn’t the girl who constantly laughed when you were near.
Tears are falling down her pretty face.
You noticed her heart’s not beating at its normal pace-

Pain is what you see in her eyes.
All her life she has heard nothing but lies.

Love is what you want her to have.
And for the two of you to make it last.
Hurt is all she feels on her heart.
You want her to know that you never want ya’ll to part.

Love is something she can’t live though,
but you tell her she can live through it…with you-

A smile is what returns to that pretty face
and her heart’s beating at a new pace.
Trust is what the two of you don’t want to lack.
She lets you know she’ll always have your back.

Tears refill her eyes & she begins to cry.
Only because she has to be prepare to say goodbye-

Breaking your heart is something she never wanted to do.
Not only will you be hurt, but she’ll be hurt too.
Out of her life, she doesn’t want you to go,
but she just can’t be with you anymore.

That girl will ALWAYS love you.
PLEASE see that her words are true.

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