Killed For His Beliefs

September 28, 2011
By mellojello GOLD, Anchroge, Alaska
mellojello GOLD, Anchroge, Alaska
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The world is coming down
He feels like a king
When he cant get to his crown
So hes just being a low life clown
He knows hes only letting himself down

He always live in a broken town
Every one looks at him
As if hes another freak
On the street
But as his life still weeps
His speeches are deep

One day he just got beat
Till he was on his knees
Begging pleas spare me
But instead they shoot him
And watch him bleed
We sing and lie
But that's why were alive
The meaning of life is to die

The next day I walked the streets
And I saw the man who would preach
And when he preached it was so deep
But he got shot for what he believed

He died trying to shine
The people who shot him said
"He wasn't worth a dime or my time"
But to me he was worth more
then a dime and all my time
I wish he was still alive
But he got shot for his beliefs
that's just stupid to me
So every day I will
Walk on this street
And stand up for what i believe
Just like he did for me

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