Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back.

September 12, 2011
By MugginsSachett GOLD, Wasilla, Alaska
MugginsSachett GOLD, Wasilla, Alaska
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Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back -myself

i don't know how long i can live with this pain,

so stab me in the heart now; I'm already insane,

a black cat ventures to your window,

spies on you, unseen.

her fur velvet soft, eyes misty green,

I've lived with the hurt for a month almost more,

the cat she is back, she slips in through the door.

a story she has to tell,

one of fright and fear.

but the worst part is when she mentions you,

now my mind is unclear.

now my body lays on the stairs,

untouched, unseen

i had to see to believe.

my eyes had not deceived me

i looked through your window

what green eyes said was true

you know there is no me without you.

i thought it could last.

obviously i was wrong,

but we both knew at the tI'me it was your arms in which i belonged.

so here lays my body

my soul with the gun

depression, happiness, anger.

all gone with a run

you heard the blast,

you look out your front door,

a trail of blood,

to which which step?

the last.

the cat was never killed but her master was

in the end the cat was mystified,

why i had denied

i never should've asked,

i never should've done

the clock has stopped ticking my body is gone.

only a ghost i watch,

knowing the terrible truth;

you had already moved on..

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