September 10, 2011
Lying crypted in the tomb
Blood drips softly
Hitting floor
A love quick fading
Now no more

Lying crypted in the gloom
Petals falling
Hitting floor
Love cruel fated
Now no more

Now no more
True love’s dead
Life’s cruel pageant
Fully fed
Pale Fingers
Lying limp
Petals falling
Form a heap
No breath to stir
The petals fallen
No ears to hear
True love’s calling
No beating heart
To feel lost longing

Lying crypted in the tomb
Dust settles
Hitting floor
No love created
Not anymore
Lying crypted in their doom
Gray stones weep
Tears hitting floor
Love not wasted
Now no more

Now no more
The mothers cry
Loss now faded
Tears are dried
Fathers feed
The hungry flames
Now Sorrow is done
Playing games
Like a picture
Faces faded
Seventy years
Pain is jaded
Centuries pass
The tomb is sealed
No one remembers
White ivy
Red roses
Just another building
Swallowed as life dozes

Tears that formed
So long ago
Now are frozen
Now no more
No one weeping
Save the dove
Who weeps forever
Forsaking cause
Now falls silent
Silence now
No beating heart
No true love found

It lies
The crypted tomb
Together in death
The Lovers lie
In her hand
A rose that died
Some years since
Petals falling
Wilting stem
Never to see
The light again
Candles burnt
No wick remains
Just some wax
No flame to gain
No life desecrates
This sacred shrine
To pain and joy
Love divine
For evermore
The years will pass
Inside the tomb
The light will fast
Lovers lying
Cold embrace
The darkness mocks
Their dying pace

Wind will howl
Trees will fall
Buildings crumble
Children call
For lost mothers
Lost and found
Then they’re buried
In the ground
Clothes decay
Within the tomb
Skin will fade
Within the gloom
Bones will turn
Straight into dust
Particles drifting
Into dusk
Once like a rose
Upon a time
Its petals drifting
An endless rhyme

To last forever
Nothing can
Except the wind
Which to is dammed
The tomb
It crumbles
It’s time on earth
Is almost done
Ivy clings
To broken home
Of lovers faded
No more to roam
Children play
Among the ruins
Not knowing what
Has happened there
Until one falls
And finds a rose
Its petals lost
No more to grow
She looks around
But nothing sees
Except the ruins
And the trees
A cold breeze blows
She ducks her head
And returns to playmates
Run ahead
She runs too
Not looking back
The old tomb sighs
Fade to black

Once more lying in the tomb
Years pass softly
Through time’s door
A love now done
Now no more


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thefamoustapper said...
Nov. 1, 2011 at 4:56 pm
Crazy good. Completely understand what you were trying to say..magnificent!
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