September 10, 2011
By LouiseDennis BRONZE, Enfield, Other
LouiseDennis BRONZE, Enfield, Other
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Favorite Quote:
It is what it is.

They kicked at the walls, societies divide.
They say it drove them to it, a protest. A lie.
The let their minds wander, of the page of reality.
But the handcuffs bough them back, to observe their fatalities.

They cremated their communities through materialistic jealousy.
Consequences burn, this is their life. Damaged recklessly.
The blind desire that instigated such devastation.
Acquainting worlds, divided by paper but as strong as the desperation,
of each impoverished soul.

The author's comments:
My understanding of the riots,that completely obliterated some communities.I live in En field,and i saw the disgusting behavior for myself.

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