The Man

September 10, 2011
By Connor Donovan SILVER, Shoreline, Washington
Connor Donovan SILVER, Shoreline, Washington
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Sitting and thinking
Waiting for something
All knowing 
Yet so ignorant
The man waits
He sees all
Hears all
Feels all
And fears all
His hand upon his head
His thoughts racing
Everywhere  and nowhere at one time
 his body motionless
Yet his mind motioning
Motioning his thoughts to follow
His ideas to tag along
Life happens around him
It's been eternity 
But to him he's travelled quickly
Thousands and thousands of miles
He's sees time as happening
No past, present or future
Time just is
He is aware and does not care
He lives to live
Dies to live differently
He evolves with every moment
Every mistake
Every imperfection
All they do is create and change him
He knows he will never stop
Never stop thinking
Never stop living
Never stop dying
Never stop changing and molding
This man is every thing
He exists without existing
Is without being
He is every type of being
But is hidden deep
He is consciousness

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