September 9, 2011
We weren't even together
and hadn't had our first kiss
you were just that easy
to fall in love with

the memories of you
I tried to erase it

I deleted your number
and both ring tones I gave you
I deleted your name out my call log
and all the text messages too

but I have your number by memory
and both the songs on a CD
I may have forgotten the dates and times
but I remember the conversations you had with me
and I still get the urge to text you goodnight before I go to sleep

it's like I erased you out of my life
but the only exception was my mind
no matter how hard I try

I wont ever be able to erase it
I don't want to think about how it might be her you fall in love with
right about now I just want to be over it
and to be honest with you I just want to forget

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