You and Me

September 1, 2011
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I didn’t intend to fall for you, but I quickly did as soon as our lips met and our hands intertwined.

Your lips were inviting and your humor very charming(yeah I know it rhymes)so I couldn’t help but give myself to you.

I want our bodies to be one as we make love under the evening sky.
Your bare chest against mine,both of us left to explore ourselves
Your light touch against my cheek brings chills down my spine!

Goosebumps appear on my lightly freckled arms and legs.

Oh how sweet your kisses are against my neck!
Bringing flutters to my stomach making my head spin with giddiness and delight. I really didn’t
know where this would lead but I couldn’t stop nor suppress my feelings for you.I often forget where I am when I’m with you In your embrace so safe and secure, I take in your scent and I loose myself in your clean pure smell
I let myself drift as you caress me with your body, as we make love under the moonlight.

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