Love </3

August 31, 2011
Love. it makes you stop and think
it can send you reeling
hearts beating
minds reeling
feelings soaring
always unknowing
it keeps me awake at night
it comforts me in the darkest of places
and yet
it kills me
with each new day
i wake up wondering if ill lI've
lI've through the possibilities
possibilities of no longer knowing someone
possibilities of heart break and sorrow
it makes you stop and think
is this really what i want
is this really who i am
it makes us ask that question
of after all this is said and done
how will i be remembered?
through all the hate and sorrow
peace and love
is this really who i am
is this really me
I've put up so many walls
some i can no longer take down
even when i am all by my self
i'm loosing grasp
of that little child hood girl i was
of that child hood dream
prince charming isn't out there
he never was
my dream is dead
so im killing yours
it sucks!

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