August 31, 2011
By LJanelle365 BRONZE, McDonald, Pennsylvania
LJanelle365 BRONZE, McDonald, Pennsylvania
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I was a flower in search of soil,
Unknowing of the expectations of solid rock.
Thrown into the judgment of an arctic unwelcoming cot.
I wrestled, I fought, I sought sweet refuge,
But all I got was bloodshed and abuse.
Struggling till the quarks of my anatomy became restless.
My existence gradually became more and more minuscule.
You examined and demeaned every inch of my flesh.
Bruising and scarring producing inevitable mess.
Drenched in restricting burgundy, absurdity,
All I desired was your love, scratched the pavement for your praise.
I fell into an abyss of eternal malaise.
You ruled my mind, my time, everything that was mine,
To when I was in bloom,
How the world seemed to swoon,
At my genuine smile, I was just a child,
Had nothing of negativity to assume.
You robbed me of the innate splendor comprised in me.
What am I to be?
Now that you’ve gnawed and strangled me until I couldn't see,
What it is to live freely, and be everything that is me

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