September 15, 2011
By Anonymous

Oceans of sadness water out your fears
Gasping for air, swallowing your doubt
Bottled memories whisper in your ears
“Stay; there is nothing to worry about”

Pleading and fighting you rip through its jaws
Breathing in for a fresh breath of life, but
Captures you again; drowning out your flaws
It caves in your lungs; it floods through your gut

Asking forgiveness, pleading on your knees
“I’ll change I promise, I’m sorry son
Give me a chance I am begging you please
I swear to you boy, this is the last one”

Sorry dad, you’re just putting on a show
I’ve been washed away a long time ago

The author's comments:
There is nothing more scary then drowning in your own decisions as you watch your family drift away.

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