Let Go

September 15, 2011
By dancer11srubin GOLD, Long Grove, Illinois
dancer11srubin GOLD, Long Grove, Illinois
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lukewarm water crawled up my neck,

and I fought to breathe.

No outside force,

just words.

little meaningless words, that hit me so hard.

Someone's words, transforming my whole view upon myself.

Your grip on me, so tight,

you still can't let go.

I use to push away your grubby hands,

but all strength in me is useless.

For I couldn't shove you away, even if I tried.

red streaks appear on my neck,

evidence of your efforts.

and my paper thin skin,

does no protection for my conscious.

Take me off your leash,

yet I'm requesting this upon you.

When I should've known from the beginning,

I, myself, was the Master all along.

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