It's name is Black

September 14, 2011
It's name is black 
The color itself
The beauty in it's imperfection
Let me alone to my painting

The canvas makes me feel so free
Locked in my cage with nothing but paint
The cage expands and I'm not alone any more
The feel of freedom it's intoxicating

It makes the loneliness fade away
And my head is clearer than ever before
My happy face is on the canvas 
In your honor I'll make this for you

And I can be myself 
Nobody stares and wonder 
What's he thinking 
What's he doing 

When I'm myself I paint it black
Shades of grey make the mood
Can you see the inspiration 
Can you see my heart In it

It breaks down the door guarding my emotions
Will you admire the beautiful emotion
After I locked myself up
Can you pick the locks

Can you open me up?

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