So High

September 16, 2011
By imTSP BRONZE, Houston, Texas
imTSP BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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"Sing A song full of love and inspiration. Make love to the music and shell feel loved when you use it."-Cal The Soul Purpose. "The mind Is a Terrible Thing to Waste"-Cal The Soul Purpose. "The sexiest thing about a woman is her CONFIDENCE"-Cal TSP

There I am soaring high above the clouds with wings stretched far and my heart filled with smiles. The highest honor I’ve felt in a while was the ACCOLADE of crimson red blood that was given to me from the one set on high. My two feet are ABUT each other and my heart is complemented by the ABYSS of my Courage buried deep inside the depths of my very own soul. I am an Eagle of destination, a Lion of much courage. I seek my very own way with the strength of God leading my head toward the brighter day.
I lower my head into my magical future through the ABRIDGED passage of an airway. There are swarms of ill creatures and piles of golden fish. My future is very ABSTRUSE but only by keen sense of judgment will I understand its simplicity, rather it’s many complications. My talons of strength and my eyesight of wonder help me to get through the night. There were curve balls and enemies coming at me from left to right. I have an AFFINITY for sinking my beak into glorious pleasure. Oh My, The tendon warming glory to have accomplished such a thing. I am on my road to another success that only God can come between. My feathers smoothly trimmed and my mind sharply intact, I can do anything in my power because no other is higher than I unless I lie on my back.
This glorious moment of my life can only be credited to the Almighty God and my effort to be the greatest achiever of my kind. I see the waters, so crystal clear and I dive low to dig deep into the treasure that I can call mine. I call out to the world to alert that I am here. The only seed of a good thing that has became the greatest to soar so high through the year. I can smell the pastures of resting beauty so far from me but it seems so near. I have no time to waste so I keep on soaring and no other will shun me in fear. In my mind I am the poet speaking to you through my actions. I am the Soul Purpose and I live to show the life of an Imperial Beauty through all of my additional achievements along with my subtractions. Soar high with me, come and be a part of something so sweet. I am the Soul Purpose. Who did you expect me to be?

The author's comments:
This is actually one of my Technical Writing Assignments. I created this piece showing myself as and eagle who is accomplishing things and etc. Take A deeper look.

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