You and I

September 7, 2011
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You’re happy.

I’m happy.

A careful smile that lights your face

Is the spark within my soul

To light it with the fire of joy.

A tinkle of laughter

Rings clearly, like a bell,

Resonating through the room

And through my ears.

The catalyst to the reaction

The cherry to the ice cream

The touch of joy

To all that’s not.

You’re happy.

I’m happy.


You’re unhappy.

I’m unhappy.

A dark frown traces your brow

Like a dagger, pierces my heart.

To break it with pain.

A gasp of agony

Staggers out of your mouth

Your anger infecting the room

And penetrating my brain.

The knife to my throat

The waterfall teardrop

The lone figure.

You’re unhappy.

I’m unhappy.

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